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Clearing a Blocked Shower Drain: What do the Professionals do?

Clearing a Blocked Shower Drain: What do the Professionals do?

A slow draining shower usually indicates a blockage of some sort. Whilst sometimes homeowners can clear a blockage in the short-term using a plunger, to achieve a permanent solution, the services of a professional are often needed. A question that many people have when their shower needs professional attention relates to the options open to a plumber when it comes to identifying the cause of the problem and providing a suitable solution. Here we take a look at the possible approaches a professional plumber may use to get your shower draining freely.

Identifying the location of the blockage is always a priority

Before deciding on the best method of unblocking your shower drain, a good plumber will first of all work out what’s causing the blockage and where it’s located on the pipe. In some cases, they may make use of a video camera on a cable. This can be fed down the drainpipe, taking pictures as it goes. Using a camera cable is particularly useful when the blockage is located some distance from the property.

Using a plunger

Small blockages in the “S” bend or top part of the drainage pipe (just below the plughole) can sometimes be cleared using a plunger. If a plumber uses a plunger, they’ll not just ensure the shower drains freely, they’ll also usually overload the drainpipe (perhaps by tipping a few buckets of water into the shower) to check that the blockage really has been removed.

Can the plumber get under your building?

If the plumber can get under the shower drain, they will be able to remove and clean the trap, as well as potentially put a drain cable into the pipe, via one of the small access points that are commonly built into modern piping. Some plumbers will use a cable machine to operate the drain cable, whilst others will operate the cables manually.

A high-pressure jet is a last resort

If the plumber suspects there is a stubborn blockage, or wishes to clear multiple blockages, they may employ a high-pressure jet of water. Professional jets can blast blockages out of the way, as well as suck detritus from the shower end of the pipe, where hair and grime can collect.

Remedial repairs if required

In some circumstances, the blockage may be due to a tree root that’s penetrated the pipe, or a cracked or broken pipe. In these circumstances, a plumber will also carry out suitable repair work to ensure that the problem is resolved.

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