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Five Things to Check When You Have No Water at Home


Water is a need for life on the planet. Perhaps it is necessary for a variety of reasons. We cannot live without water for a variety of reasons ranging from meeting our drinking requirements to laundering our clothes. But what happens if you don’t have any water in your home? All of your faucets are […]

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Pipe Burst: What Should You Do?


Imagine returning home to a burst pipe. You see your house literally flooded with water, and you stand there clueless to what actually happened. It is so deadly, even in imagination, right? Such mishaps call for critical, time-sensitive measures to be taken immediately. Do you know what you should be doing if a pipe bursts […]

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Variable Water Pressure: Causes and Solutions


Is the water pressure in your faucets and sinks really inconsistent? It starts off slowly, and then suddenly, bam, it picks up speed! Rising and falling water pressure may be very bothersome. You may be bathing in the bathroom when the water pressure begins to decrease, making your shower an irritating experience rather than a […]

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Carbon Monoxide Testing: Now is The Time


What exactly is Carbon Monoxide, and how hazardous is it? Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and deadly gas. The fatal vapours of CO are difficult to detect via sight, taste, or smell, so they may harm you before you are even conscious that it is present in your house. It is sometimes referred to […]

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Shower Grouting: Essentials and Directions


Your bathroom is in desperate need of your care. You’ve been neglecting it for far too long, and it’s past time to provide it with the attention it deserves. It is possible that even the most thorough tile cleaning regimen in your shower may leave the grout looking for further care. Mildew and mould are […]

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Home Maintenance: Three Things to Keep an Eye on


Our houses serve as our own safe-havens. We spend most of our time there, therefore it is critical that they be kept in good condition at all times. While it is true that upkeep requires some wealth, effort, and sheer time, the amount you save in the long term much outweighs the money you spend […]

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Tempering Valves: What Are They?


Do you know what are Tempering Valves? Have you ever heard about them? Well, Tempering Valves are devices that are being widely used to blend hot and cold water to produce water that is at the optimum temperature for usage in basins and bathtubs, among other things. They are often seen in motels and business […]

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Blocked Toilets: Everything you need to know about them


Is your toilet clogged really bad? Have you been lately concerned about it? Here’s everything you need to know in order to get rid of this mess as soon as possible. What pieces of equipment are needed for the whole unclogging process? It requires a number of gadgets. Some of them are listed below: Disposable, […]

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Melbourne City Plumbers – Pinnacle Plumbing


Pinnacle Plumbing Group (“PPG”) was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Melbourne servicing inner-city Melbourne, stretching to outer suburbs. Pinnacle Plumbing Group is owned and managed by Nick Rybalko who has worked in the plumbing trade industry for over 20 years and is supported by a team of fully qualified plumbers utilising the latest […]

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Gas Hot Water Service


Regular Servicing of Your Gas Hot Water System is Imperative Your gas hot water heating systems must be serviced at least once every year by qualified technicians so as to ensure that your hot water system is in excellent condition and renders optimal performance and is safe for you and your family. Most systems can last from 15 to 20 years. If a water heater is older than 20 years, […]

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Emergency 24*7 Plumbing


Pinnacle Plumbing Group undertake to deliver the following KEY drivers as your plumber of choice: • A reliable and honest service; • 24/7 callout service with 2 hour response time for emergencies, guaranteeing any potential damage caused to properties is kept to a minimum; • Vans well stocked with critical breakdown spare parts; • Skilled […]

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Blocked Toilets – Home Remedies


Clear a Toilet Clog with Dishwashing Liquid  ½ – 1 cup dishwashing liquid  1 pair of rubber gloves  1 bucket of hot water Pour the dish soap into the toilet drain, and let it sit for at least twenty minutes. Then, carefully pour the water into the toilet bowl. If the water […]

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Who We Are

Pinnacle Plumbing Group is an established fully licensed and insured Plumbing Company servicing inner city Melbourne, stretching to outer suburbs.

License No: 50092

Verified Google Reviews

Eleni Endt
Just easy to deal with, reasonable prices
Stewart Webb
Sam Nelson
Toilet flusher broke on me this morning. Communication with this company was great! Nick reached out to me first with a rough timeframe when someone would be around (same day). That someone was Gary, who first called asking for more details and I was I was able to provide photos. He gave me a more specific timeframe for his arrival, which he stuck to, and then he showed up with all the parts and tools he needed on hand, knowing exactly what needed to be done, no surprises. He was fast, professional, friendly, and cleaned up everything when he finished. Highly recommended! Cheers Gary!
Tim Mckillop
Balcony Reseal Matt was amazing very thorough job. Did 3 coats Very punctual & polite.
Amit Shahi
Had a problem with my toilet leakage. Matt came , diagnosed the problem and fixed with ease in no time. Thanks Pinnacle Plumbing for your quick response. Awesome service!! Cheers to Matt!!
Soniya Bendre
Matt visited our residence and fixed the issue in almost no time. He was friendly and was quick to diagnose and fix the problem. Great service !
Mukendu Annu
Garry was here to fix the tap. Was amazing and swift with his work. Absolute professional.
Genevieve Brady
Gary was punctual and did a great job. Would highly recommend!
Tonia Martin
My hot water service was leaking. It was removed and replaced in just a few hours. Great service
Emma & Tom
We called Pinnacle Plumbing when we discovered a very serious water leak at our house, and we happily recommend them to anyone in Brunswick East and the surrounding suburbs. Despite contacting them after hours, Jay arrived within half an hour of my call and was able to quickly identify the problem, prevent it from becoming a total disaster, and tell me what needed to be done. Jay and Gary were back at 7am the next day, and within a few hours they had found the source of the leak (which was hidden underneath concrete slabs) and fixed it. They also tidied everything up beautifully. They are both lovely, and we will definitely use Pinnacle for any future problems and will recommend them to our friends. Thank you Jay and Gary!