Water Meter Installation

Water Meter Installation

Decrease your water bills by installing a suitable water meter for your commercial, industrial, or residential property.

  • Monitor your exact water usage
  • Report your water usage for accurate bills
  • 100% compliant water meter installation for zero-hassles
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Why do I need a water meter?

Having a water meter installed in your property allows you to determine if you’re experiencing a leak, how much water you’re using, and general plumbing diagnostics.

Usually, this is found towards the front of the property, where it’s easily accessible.

However, not all properties have a water meter installed. This could lead to you paying a flat rate for your water bill, instead of being billed on how much water you actually use.

If you own an apartment block (or other collection of properties), you may receive several requests to install a water meter for each property. This way, your tenants will be fairly billed for the water they use.

There are guidelines that must be met for the proper installation of water, since the water companies will use this to determine your bill.

At Pinnacle Plumbing, we’re experienced in the installation of water meters across residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. All of our installations are guaranteed to fulfill requirements and will provide you with an accurate reading.

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Choosing the right water meter

There are different meters for commercial or industrial properties, and residential properties.

And for each of these, there are different sizes of meters. For example, there are smaller meters that are 20mm, medium-sized ones which are 20-50mm, and larger heavy-duty meters which are up to 300mm.

Residential water meters come in both digital and analog forms. Analog readers are similar to old fashion odometers. Digital readers are more advanced and have several options you must navigate through before reaching a section called “kL” (1,000 litres).

Commercial water meters are usually all analog. Similar to an odometer, they will be read from left to right and will tick to higher numbers as more water is used. You’ll usually see white and red number backgrounds. The red is usually to measure liters, while the white is to measure kilolitres.

Not sure what water meter is right for your property? Contact Pinnacle Plumbing today for expert advice.

Using your water meter reading

At times, your water meter might not be accessible.

This means, your water company will not be able to properly bill you. At times like this, it’s best to reach out to the company and provide them with a reading so they can accurately bill you.

Water bill more expensive than expected?

If you think there was a mistake in your water bill, you can request your water company have a reread of your water meter. Note: there may be additional costs for this second reading.

Areas We Service

We install water meters for all properties across Melbourne. This includes the CBD, Kew, Richmond, and all surrounding suburbs.

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