Water Leak Detection

Most people are able to spot the signs of a burst or blocked pipe fairly easily: significant amounts of water pouring from a particular location. A far more complex issue relates to water leaks which are less easily diagnosed. Slow leaks from pipes may create a chronic damp problem somewhere, and yet give no other signs that something is amiss. In these circumstances, there’s usually a need for specialist water leak detection services.

Signs that you may have an undiagnosed water leak

If you do spot clues that you may have a leak somewhere, prompt attention is vital. If the problem remains unresolved, there’s the potential for it to cause significant structural damage to your property. Not only is this costly to fix, but it can even result in a sudden collapse of part (or all) of a wall or ceiling, posing a significant risk to the health of occupants.

Some of the main signs of a water leak are:

  • A smell of damp. Although this may be due to poor ventilation or excess condensation, chronic damp can also be caused by a small water leak which has been left to drip.
  • Whilst some mould is almost inevitable in a property, particularly in kitchens or bathrooms where the humidity is high and ventilation may be limited, persistent mould in a specific area could indicate an undiagnosed leak. It’s worth remembering that not all moulds are benign: some can cause serious health issues. Damp provides the perfect environment for them to thrive.
  • Patches of damp. Obviously a discoloured patch of wall, especially if slightly moist to the touch, is a clear sign that water is escaping from somewhere.
  • Low water pressure. Slow leaks may grow over time – this can result in a drop in water pressure, but many households fail to spot the decrease because it comes on slowly over several months or even years.
  • Sounds of flowing water, or a mysterious drip! Water noises can be due to many causes, some of which are benign. That said, they may also be a sign of a leak which requires detection.

Water leak detection – professional and reliable

If you experience any of these symptoms, prompt attention from a plumbing company with the right equipment and skills to both identify the source of the problem and fix it, is essential. We provide water leak detection Melbourne residents can depend on to locate the source of their leak accurately, with minimal disruption to their home. We are able to find water leak issues fast, even if they’re just small ones. Our aim is always to “nip the problem in the bud” – it’s better to use water leak detection services to trace a tiny leak and sort it out, then leave the issue until it’s an easily detectable, but more serious, problem.

Our team doesn’t just find leaks, it can also fix them! Whether you need burst pipe repair or the issue is down to blocked or leaking toilets, we can fix it. Get in touch to book with an experienced Melbourne plumber who offers expert water leak detection services.

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