Gas Heating Services

Gas Heating Services

No matter what type of gas heating set-up you might have, you can depend on us to keep it in great shape for you. A growing emphasis on the need for green, planet-friendly heating that’s energy-efficient and as close to carbon-neutral as possible means that a growing number of local people are looking for ways to ensure their gas heating runs in an optimally efficient manner. This is where we can help: we offer a complete set of gas heating services, helping your installation to perform well and use the minimum amount of fuel necessary. From inspection and servicing through to gas heater installation and repair, our team is here to help.

Emergency call-out for gas heating problems

Even with regular servicing and maintenance, gas heating systems can still go wrong at times. If your system has stopped working completely and/or if you can smell gas, you can call us 24/7/365 to get the problem sorted. Provided your property is located in Melbourne, we can normally get to you within the hour. Given how dangerous gas can be if not correctly contained, it’s vital to switch off the supply and call us urgently if you suspect that your gas heating, space heaters or wall heater are leaking. We are usually able to come out and diagnose the problem then and there. Our van carries a wide range of spares and repairs, which allows us to fix the majority of heating issues in a single visit. Fully certified and experienced, the team offers a fast, professional and thorough emergency solution to your gas issues.

Gas Heating Repair

Gas heater installation

When it comes to gas appliances installation, including gas heaters, we’ve got it covered. In the first instance, if you’re not sure what type of gas heater you need, we can advise. Factors such as the location within the home, the type of property, the expected level of usage, usage times and room size can all affect the type of gas heater that’s going to be most appropriate. Once you’ve settled on a make and model, we can order it in and get it fitted correctly. Our engineers are all appropriately certified, so you know that you’ll be getting a safe installation that’s properly tested and checked. Once your heater(s) is/are installed, we are happy to come out and complete on-going maintenance, servicing and/or repairs as and when required. We are able to fit single gas heaters, as well as fit out entire properties. If you haven’t got a gas connection where you want your gas heater to sit, don’t worry! We can fit fresh pipework where required, allowing you to place your heater wherever it is convenient.

Remember that modern gas heaters come in many different shapes and sizes: as well as conventional models, there are also gas stove lookalikes and heaters which are built into the wall. Get in touch for more information about our gas stove installation. If you’ve got a tricky installation or have some ambitious plans for your installation system, we’re normally able to get the job done. With more than two decades of experience behind us, the team can usually find a solution for more challenging gas installations, as well as straight-forward work.

Gas heater installation and repair

Particularly as heaters begin to age, they may not work as efficiently as they should. As well as a complete breakdown, there are also several other, common signs and symptoms which may indicate a repair is needed. Some of these include:

– gas heating isn’t providing the warmth you would expect, despite the thermostat being turned up.
– fuel bills are higher than usual, with no related increase in warmth or usage.
– unexplained fluctuations in performance.
– strange noises during operation.
– heating which takes a long time to heat up, particularly if the heat up time has been getting progressively longer over time.
– older heating systems: once a heating system is more than about 15 years olds, the chances of a repair being needed become significantly higher, particularly if the system has not been appropriately maintained.

Compromised performance means decreased efficiency and puts extra strain on the system. A prompt repair helps to reduce energy usage and minimises the risk of a more major (and therefore more expensive) repair. If you spot any of these issues, get in touch and we’ll be happy to come out and take a look.

Our aim is to offer a full gas heater installation and repair system, as well as gas heating services. Fully qualified and insured, our team of experienced engineers is here for you! As well as a total installation and repair service, we can provide carbon monoxide checks, inspections and routine maintenance on your heating system. Get in touch to find out more about us and what we can offer.

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