Drain Repair & Replacement

Whilst a single incidence of a blocked drain or drain leak can be just down to bad luck or something unfortunate being flushed down the toilet, repeated blockages may be a sign that the integrity of the drainage pipe may be compromised. In these circumstances, it may be more cost-effective to consider relining the pipe, rather than frequently needing it cleared. As an established, Melbourne based plumbing firm, we offer a complete drain repair and replacement service. From blockage removal through to repair, replacement and inspection, our team has the skills and experience to keep your drain system in top condition.

Help for blocked drains

Most of us are familiar with the signs of blocked drains. Slow draining sinks, backflow, an unpleasant smell, strange gurgling noises in your plumbing or evidence of damp can all indicate that you have a compromised drainage pipe. When you use us to investigate the problem, we not only diagnose what the issue is, we also work out what’s causing it. If it’s clear that the cause of your most recent blockage is a problem with the integrity of the pipe, rather than due to what’s entering the system from the waste pipes, we can provide solutions that will significantly reduce the risk of a re-occurrence.

Why not request a drain inspection?

If you’ve recently moved into a property, or are noticing that minor blockages are occurring on a regular basis, why not opt for a drain inspection? We have the specialist equipment needed to create a detailed picture of your drainage system. This can reveal small cracks, the incursion of tree roots or build-ups of detritus that are compromising sewage removal.

Armed with the information gained from the inspection, we will be able to come up with suitable recommendations for resolving the matter. Particularly in older properties, where drainage pipes may have been in situ for half-a-century or more, deterioration is almost inevitable. Where the pipe is severely compromised, we are able to reline it. This requires only minimal disruption to your property (we don’t need to dig up your yard or similar in order to get the job done), but could mean that you enjoy far more efficient drainage in the future.

Given the importance which efficient drainage has for the health of building occupants, it’s important to keep pipes in top condition. Get in touch to find out more about our drain repair and replacement services, or to book an appointment.

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