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Burst Pipes

Our experienced and professional plumbers carry state of the art leak detection equipment meaning your leak can be located quickly minimising any potential damage

We diagnose on the job giving you the most economical option for repair

Whilst on site we can do a full leak diagnosis putting your mind at rest that all your water pipes are sound.

Our state of the art leak detection equipment saves time and money having the ability to make repairs less invasive.

Whether it be copper, galvanised or plastic pipe we can perform any repair required

Is water leaking into your home? Our plumbers will locate any burst pipes and provide you with a quick repair service to minimise property damage.

  • 24/7 emergency burst pipe repairs
  • 2 hour response time to minimise any damage
  • Serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Melbourne
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Do you have a burst pipe?

In most situations, if you have a burst pipe -- you’ll know.

This could mean soaking wet carpet, water damaged walls, and even flooding within your home. What started off as a small leak, could lead to a complete burst.

However, there are also times when a burst pipe is more subtle. Here are some signs to look out for:

✓ Change in water pressure. If your pipes have burst, there will be less water moving due to a decrease in pressure and the leakage occurring. This could be evident when showering, washing your hands, and flushing your toilet.

✓ Particles in water. One common cause of burst pipes is rust. If this is the cause of your pipe bursting, you may even see particles of rust in your water. Often times, this leads to discoloured water.

✓ Water stains. If the burst pipe isn’t that serious yet, there may be only trace amounts of water coming out. However, this could leave watermarks on your walls, floors, and anywhere else where pipes run under.

✓ Expensive water bills. If your water bill is significantly more expensive than before and your water meter shows a higher number than usual -- there’s a good chance you have a burst pipe.

✓ Unusual creaks and sounds. Similar to having a blocked or leaking toilet, a burst drain could lead to strange bubbling noises, a whistling sound when using water, and other noises.

Not sure if you have a burst pipe? Our Melbourne plumbers can visit your property and inspect your water system. Contact us today to book your service.


Causes of burst pipes

In Australia, it is very uncommon for a pipe to burst due to water becoming frozen (although it can happen).

The most common causes are instead:

- Poorly secured pipes. With the extremely high pressure that water pipes contain, if it is not properly fixed in a stable position, it can bump against other surfaces and cause it to burst. Before this happens, you’ll hear loud noises whenever water is being used.

- Old pipes. After many years of usage, metal pipes can become corroded and lead to holes. The most common cause of this is having water that isn’t the correct pH level. This is more difficult to detect and requires a professional plumber to investigate.

- Mineral buildup. If your area has hard water, bits of calcium and magnesium can start clinging to the walls of your pipe. Over time, this will lead to corrosion and burst pipes.

- Faulty pressure valves. When your water system’s pressure valves aren’t working correctly, there can be a build-up of pressure in your pipe and can cause your pipe to burst.

Melbourne burst pipe repairs

Our plumbers are experts at repairing burst pipes. We have been helping residential and commercial property owners across Melbourne with all their plumbing needs.

If your burst pipe is severe, we can also provide you with temporary solutions to minimise damage. For example, we can use C-clamps to stop small leaks or wrap your burst pipe in a rubber insulated sleeve clamp. Both of these are easy ways to temporarily stop a leak until we can repair it completely.

What to do if you have a burst pipe:

✓ Turn off your water to minimise water leakage and further damage

✓ Turn on the water in your sinks to decrease the amount of water in your pipes

✓ Remove any water from your premise to minimise water damage

✓ Contact us ASAP. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services which are ideal for burst pipes

To fix your burst pipe, we will cut out any damaged areas and replace it with a new piece of pipe. We’ll ensure this is flush with the existing pipe and that any existing corrosion is cleaned off to prevent damage to the new pipe. This will then be soldered on to ensure a tight fit with zero leakage.

Book your 24/7 burst pipe repair service today.

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We repair burst pipes for residential, commercial, and industrial properties across Melbourne.

If you’re experiencing severe water leakage, contact us at any time. We are ready to help you 24/7.

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Call 0419 019 993

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Had a problem with my toilet leakage. Matt came , diagnosed the problem and fixed with ease in no time. Thanks Pinnacle Plumbing for your quick response. Awesome service!! Cheers to Matt!!
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Gary was punctual and did a great job. Would highly recommend!
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My hot water service was leaking. It was removed and replaced in just a few hours. Great service
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We called Pinnacle Plumbing when we discovered a very serious water leak at our house, and we happily recommend them to anyone in Brunswick East and the surrounding suburbs. Despite contacting them after hours, Jay arrived within half an hour of my call and was able to quickly identify the problem, prevent it from becoming a total disaster, and tell me what needed to be done. Jay and Gary were back at 7am the next day, and within a few hours they had found the source of the leak (which was hidden underneath concrete slabs) and fixed it. They also tidied everything up beautifully. They are both lovely, and we will definitely use Pinnacle for any future problems and will recommend them to our friends. Thank you Jay and Gary!