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5 Tips for When There's No Water Coming Out of Your Tap

5 Tips for When There’s No Water Coming Out of Your Tap

We’ve all been there, hunched over the sink, face full of cleanser or shaving cream or a mouth full of toothpaste – and there’s no water coming out of your tap.

The situation can potentially get worse if you discover that all your taps don’t work, leading to a significant disruption in your daily household routine.

Taps are one of the most used and abused objects in our homes.

We use them repeatedly day in and out since they are the primary way for us to receive water, as well as control from the source.

If your tap has suddenly stopped working, calling a plumber might be a good idea.

However, before you do, you can first diagnose the problem yourself.

Here are 5 potential reasons no water is coming out of your tap:

Damaged Tap Components

If no water comes out of your faucet, check if the washer is damaged or out of place. If the water begins to just trickle out before disappearing completely, chances are you need to replace your washer.

If there are no problems with the tap itself, move down to check the connections underneath the sink. Your tap’s water supply or even your main bathroom valve could be closed.

Check for any leaks as well while you are under there since leaks are a sure way for water not to come out of your tap. If you notice any leaks, contact a professional plumber to fix or replace your pipes as soon as possible.

Inspect Other Taps At Home

Check the other taps, all other bathroom sinks, even the showers and tubs, as well as your kitchen, patio and garden taps to see if any water is coming out of them.

This way, you can determine if it is just the one tap that needs repairs or if there is a bigger problem with your water supply.

Check Your Water Main

If all your taps don’t work and there is no water coming into your home, check to see that your main water valve or stopcock is open.

If your main water valve has accidentally been turned off, no water will run through your pipes from the mainline connected to your water supplier.  If the valve is closed, open it and try your taps again.

Leaks & Blockages

Rule out the possibility that there are major leaks or blockages in any of your plumbing pipes.

Unexpected leaks divert water away from your taps while clogged and blocked pipes, usually due to sediment build-up, can stop the water from flowing at all.

Rust damage could be another potential culprit, preventing your tap from rotating all the way internally and of course, you might have a frozen pipe that is preventing the water from flowing again.

Ask Your Neighbours And Your Water Supplier

If your entire home has no water, ask your neighbours if they are experiencing a similar problem.

If they also don’t have any water, there might be a bigger problem affecting your entire community’s water supply.

Water companies sometimes shut the water supply down in local areas for maintenance or construction-related work or even to prepare for natural disasters.

Contact your water company to ask if they shut down the water in your entire area for whatever reason.

Suppose the lack of water, however, is an isolated case on your street, and you’re the only one with this problem. In that case, the water company could have shut your service down possibly due to unpaid bills, connection concerns or on-site maintenance.

Still Don’t Have Water?

If you suddenly have no water at home either from one tap or all, there is no need to worry.

Run through the five reasons we outlined above to try and determine the cause of the problem.

You can call us anytime to help!

Our professional team of plumbers can help you troubleshoot over the phone. If we still can’t resolve it, we will be happy to come over and inspect your tap and connections.

We are experts in repairing everything from leaking, blocked, rusting, frozen and broken faucets.

Contact us so we can help you get the water flowing into your tap (and home) again quickly.

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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Connect Your Barbecue to Your Gas Line

Why You should Only Hire Plumbers who Give a Certificate of Compliance

Why You should Only Hire Plumbers who Give a Certificate of Compliance

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